Austin Veterinary Outreach & Rescue

Austin Vet Outreach and Rescue is committed to improving animal health in our community

We are a 501c organization dedicated to the health and welfare of animals in our community. We strive to provide affordable care for people's pets as well as rescuing those pets without homes.


We are a non profit organization dedicated to the welfare of animals in eastern NC. Our mission is to help provide affordable veterinary care, including spay and neuter, for pet owners in Carteret County. In addition to helping pet owners, we also help find forever homes for homeless animals in eastern NC.

Our board members are made up of a diverse group of animal lovers committed to the health and welfare of animals in eastern NC. We are a volunteer based organization working in our time off from our "real" jobs to help animals in need.

Our current veterinarians are Dr. Sara Austin and Dr. Sam Schmitt of Austin Veterinary Animal Hospital. Dr. Austin graduated from NCSU in 2010 and has worked in rescue and low cost spay/neuter since 2012. She has dedicated her life and passion to "those in need". Dr. Sam joined Austin Veterinary in 2014 and has quickly jumped on board with the mission. Both veterinarians are highly skilled at surgery and will provide top notch care for your pets.

AVOR is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization with a commitment to educate the public about animal care and welfare. The organization also offers rescue to homeless animals and actively promotes adoption, and works to reduce the number of animals that end up homeless in our community by providing low cost spay/neuter services. AVOR was formed in April 2015 to develop a rescue-adoption-spay/neuter program for cats and dogs in association with Austin Veterinary. To date, AVOR has rescued and found homes for thousands of cats and dogs.

Available Adoptions

Adoptions are currently through Austin Veterinary Outreach and Rescue. Click below to learn more about our available pets up for adoption.